Saturday, February 2, 2013

Writing, Reading and Math

This week I was going to have each child pick one How To Story to publish.  I was beginning to type each book and was beginning to feel so OVERWHELMED with the thought of  typing, laminating and binding 18 books!!!!!!! So I just wrote the book spelling on an address label and found a space on their sheet.  You can see what it looks like below. What I love about this too is that I sometimes scan kids work and then I can't remember what it says!! This way I won't forget!

Reading/Daily 5
We have been working on the following strategies 

I LOVE LOVE this idea I got here. The kids come in and sign in with their initials.
 We have been doing this for a few weeks. Next week they have to move a bead on the Rekenrek to go with their sign in initials. What I love about this chart is the conversations we are having about numbers.

I have 18 students but there are 20 boxes so at first some kids were confused, because they expected every box to be filled.

 I can see the kids who count by 1's each morning and the ones who are getting the idea of counting by groups.

We have done a lot of work with the Rekenrek so right away the kids got the idea that the squares were in groups of five.

I have some kids who love counting by 2's which is great but is that the quickest way to count? This chart also reinforces counting on.
You can see we wrote some number combinations that go with the chart. 
One child said 5+5+5+3
Another child said: 3+5+5+5 (commutative property of addition)
 Another child shared 6+6+6+2. 
I am taking a math course this year called Connecting Arithmetic to Algebra. We have many assignments that require student math interviews. 

Recently I was working on the General Claim: If you switch the order of two addends, the sum remains the same. I was working with a child posing the problem 6+1=(child gives answer)  1+6=(child gives answer) . At first the child got stuck when I used larger numbers but when I asked 6+1  and 1+6 she quickly gave the right answer. 

The instructor Virginia(her book is below) gave me the following fantastic feedback...

Now this would be a great place to ask her to show you both expressions with cubes. Sometimes we think of cubes with crutches when a student can't do a problem, but they are also tools for reasoning so having her show her thinking with the cubes can be a way to help her pay attention to her thinking by making it visible. Virginia also suggested that I may add a story content so that it isn't just numbers(marks on a page) but some real situations. 

This got me thinking about how difficult it is for my students to create their own story problems
so I decided to incorporate more story problems into our morning math routines. Below is a chart I made that combines different things we have worked on during the year.

 I added the cube part as well from Virginia's feedback about how manipulative's are important tools. 


  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm always speechless after visiting your blog!
    ❀ Tammy
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  2. Tammy that means a lot coming from you! Melissa

  3. Your students learn so much! I really like the label idea to save time. Such an easy way to remember what they wrote.
    Conversations in Literacy

  4. Thanks so much for your blog! I've learned so many things from you!
    in Michigan


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