Sunday, February 5, 2012

Teaching K's Voice Thread

This week in class I worked with my technology person Nicole to teach the kids how to use Voice Thread on their own. When you have a class account you have the ability to let the children go on at home and make comments to the Threads posted.

My thought is that I would love to create a Thread connected to what we learned that week. The student could go to our class blog and make a comment. Whenever a child makes a comment it gets sent to me in an email and I give permission for that comment to be posted. The child has a class log In and a password. The only rule that we have is that children are not allowed to use the video camera. We have a policy of no names with faces on the Internet.

The class account allows the student to also make their own threads, but we are not encouraging that right now. We are not even mentioning that you could do that.
Our focus was to teach the kids how to record their voices, see that you could type and use the color wheel to draw or circle. When recording there are a few steps you have to hit record and then hit save. We wanted the kids to learn about it so that they can teach it to their parents next week during class Drop In.

 I have a scheduled Drop In once a month. It's the first 20 minutes of the school day...the parents drop in and do something with the child. There is often a list of suggestions that the child can share/do.  Teaching kindergartens how to use Voice Thread was tricky but we learned a lot about what we should do and not do.

There were kids who were completely confused and some that got it right away. Below are some of the Threads we made this week in class. The first one is a science lesson we have done this week. The second one is spelling ice words and the third one was an example of two kindergarteners doing it from that day on their own!!! Use the arrows on the sides to go forward or back. The ice word and pattern threads are just one picture.

I was playing around with this one...


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