Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Organizing Students Work

It's seems kind of funny that I am blogging about organizing but it is something that drives me wild!!! I am always trying to find the perfect system on how to organize kids work. I came up with a new system and so far it is working great! The first thing I saw this year was a teacher who put the faces on the kids folders for filing!!!I LOVE LOVE this idea so that the kids that struggle with finding names have a picture.
I have a tray that the kids put their work in when they are done. I found that the tray was getting out of control so I came up with the idea of this rolling cart. The great thing about this, is that I can take the buckets out and have the kids help me sort on tables if I have to. So when someone is finished with their work they put it in their name spot. I bought this cart a Michael's Craft Store for under thirty dollars. On the top of the rolling cart I have a tray for work that's not finished.
I have classroom Portfolio's for each student. Every year I try to make this process easier! I try to keep up with adding to their portfolio now. For the last few weeks, I pull some of the things from their file and add them to their portfolios.
This is an example of a Portfolio From Last Year
It gets really big!
I try to have my K's reflect on the different pieces that are in their portfolio's. Sometimes I have a parent helper come in and record the students thinking on Post-It's. My main goal is to show growth that has been made during the school year.
I start with Self- Portraits and then have an area for Self-Portraits, Assessment stuff, Reading, Writing, Math and Science/Social Students. Each section has a picture of the child with the title some examples below...
I have found that the process feels great when I am organizing a little bit each month. In May I have a Portfolio Day and the student's Share their work and they take them home!

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