Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kevin Henkes

After reading Chrysanthemum, we made a chart about our names. I had each child make a self-portrait of their face and write out the information on each card.The chart told us...How many letters in your first name and last name? How many vowels in your name? How many syllables? How many letters in your first and last name?

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Kevin Henkes

We drew pictures to show problems and solutions and lesson learned in Kevin Henkes books. The following chart showed illustrations but could have had writing.

If you love Kevin Henkes like we do, you can find some other blog post here:

Books connected to Donald Crews!

The students worked with a friend or by themselves. They could think of any topic that connected to transportation. Some kids wrote about trains, planes and some kids wrote about trips and rides.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Donald Crews

We called these pictures Sound Pictures
I made a quick movie of the kids making the sounds they wrote on their pictures. They had to illustrate a form of transportation to connect to the authors' study.

I got the idea for this chart from Mrs. Jump web page. I used a few different books and my class added more about the illustrations. 

A wonderful book that connects to the study of illustrations in picture books is Katie Wood Ray's new book In Pictures and Words. The students are also working on Transportation stories similar to the style of Donald Crews. I am finding that some of my students stories are turning out to be great small moment books.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Learning About Donald Crews

After reading and discussing what we notice about Donald Crews stories we created a What We Learned Chart. The children made the illustration to match the words. We are now working on Transportation Books that will feature some of the things we notice about his style of writing.

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